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Human Excellence

“Developing Excellence in Performance for Individuals and Teams”


For over 37 years, C4SP has worked with companies, leadership teams, athletic teams and high performing individuals.  Our work spans every industry, every age, and every ability.

C4SP customizes a tailored client experience to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.  C4SP specializes in serving:    

  • Senior Executives

  • High Performance Individuals and Teams 

  • Upper Management

  • Mid-Level Leadership 

  • High Potential Employees

  • Coaches 

  • Athletes

C4SP uses a variety of evidenced-based assessments, tools, and curriculum to gain a deep understanding of the individuals and teams that we serve.  

Our 37 years of experience has allowed us to identify the critical elements necessary for maximized human performance in life, business, and sport.  C4SP concentrates on the development of an individual's strengths, which translates to immediate and sustainable improvements.  


C4SP works with organizations, individuals and athletes from all over the World.  Our current cliental consists of organizations and agencies in the public and private sectors.  We are a nimble company that will deploy resources to meet you where you are.  We conduct programs in  Europe, the Middle East, South America, North America and China


Confidential Participant, Aurora, Colorado 

Extremely knowledgeable, and presented all content in a very clear way.  Sessions were all fun and memorable.  This produces productivity!   



Our Process 

C4SP employs a multi-faceted

process that begins with an onsite 

comprehensive needs-assessment.    


Upon completion of the needs-assessment, C4SP will provide the client with a detailed report on customized recommendations provided by our credentialed and experienced staff.  Our founder, Dr. John Anderson and our President, John Anderson Jr. are directly involved with every client that we serve.    

C4SP uses applied research and evidenced-based assessments to identify barriers to success.  We bring together research with the appropriate applications based on the needs of the client.  These tools include industry standards as well as C4SP's proprietary processes that we have developed over 37 years of practice.  

Upon implementation of the recommendations, the C4SP team works directly with the client's individuals and team to teach, interpret and deliver a customized human performance process.  

C4SP works with our clients to stay ahead of the performance curve.  The needs and dynamics of an individual and team will change overtime.  We remain involved with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure maximized success.  

Strength Training

Strength Training

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